Tried Sushi for the first time from Yum Yum Cha and it was a delight????nTheir hospitality was amazing and the hygiene was properly maintained?nThe staff was super cooperative and understanding ????????n????I tried - Vegetarian Sushi Boat (20 Pcs) -n1. Asparagus Tempura (4pcs) u003d 5/5?n2. Spicy Summer (4pcs) u003d 5/5?n3. Spicy Avocado (4pcs) u003d 5/5?n4. Crispy Cream (4pcs) u003d 5/5?n5. Soy Soy (4pcs) u003d 5/5?nTrust me all of the above Sushis were heavenly??nAlthough, for a student like me its a bit expensive therefore I'd suggest you to either carry a Card or visit with your family????