Ericka H-F

Beautiful campus. Very interesting self guided tour with engaging interactive commentary. Wide range of accommodations nearby and very friendly students.

charles corrie

The doctors, nurses and their staff are angels that god sent to protect us. God bless you all. Thanks for your dedication.

Andreas Aristidou

A beautiful campus that is very well maintained and open to the public + in a great location in the heart of Pasadena. From green open spaces, to peaceful water flowing through rocks river-style, stylish cafeterias and modern buildings, it’s a pleasure to walk around. Great place for running/ cycling / walking your dog.

Joanne Galioto

The entire system for getting the Covid shot was very well organized. Everyone was polite. I now have both shots. Thank you.

Pat B

Absolutely beautiful campus! Over the weekend, we went for an Open House. The entire presentation was very nicely put together. Everyone we talked to had a genuine love for the school. Students were helpful wherever you walked. Can’t wait to go back!

Michael Griffo

A little hard to get around with the construction going on all over (it sometimes feels like).nMy daughter attends FIT, she worked very hard to get accepted. A great place to learn if that is your field of study.nGood Luck all FIT students with your future. You worked so hard to get here your rewards should be plentiful and personally satisfying.

Pankaj Sonani

Very good university 🎓. With many different major to choose. Location with the train station.

Trevor B

I go here so I'm obligated to give it a 5 star review. This is a very good STEM school, but if you want to go here for a non-STEM major, you may want to reconsider, since the best courses and professors here are in STEM. This college is also very expensive, so apply for financial aid! The coursework is very difficult but also rewarding. The community is very tight-knit and close. This is a smaller college in Troy, NY, so there is a lot to do on and off campus (barring COVID times). The campus is quite pretty and safe from my experience.

Laura Castille

Go Aggies! Good people. Beautiful campus. Come check out NMSU.

Arjun Nair

I've been at Florida Tech since 2014, starting with my BS in Aviation Management, MSA in Airport Development and now PhD in Aviation Sciences, and there's a plain and simple reason I've stayed on - the feeling of home.nnThe College of Aeronautics at Florida Tech houses some of the best aviation programs from around the world. The professors are excellent, and you gain real industry knowledge, and you'll be ready to step into a job the day after your graduation.nnYes, a school is a business that needs to fund itself, so there are expenses involved in going to Florida Tech, but hey - you get what you pay for! Most negative reviews would generally involve the cost factor, but I can assure you that it is worth every penny to attend Florida Tech.

Aleena VanPelt

The YouTube video, Diamond Jack, is simply the best 3 minutes on Earth! The animator carefully planned all of it out. I watched it over and over again. It takes the word boredom and throws it out the window. The plot is swift and fast with its twists and turns as it keeps you glued to the screen to see what happens next.. The characters are one of a kind and likable in many ways like a normal person is. The animation is unique, the line art is choppy yet beautiful. The music’s sound and lyrics match what’s going on and the tone of the setting and atmosphere. If you’re a young animator, watch this video and take notes.

Alison Carter Marlow

Love the kids here - they've got some AWESOME juniors!

Abby Smas

We live a block from a regular movie theater but the movies at the Institute are so much better than normal Hollywood fare that we plan trips to the city just for the interesting films. Nice venue, easy parking.


I am a bit bias as I have been going to school here for awhile. Genuinely enjoy the community and the teachers are INCREDIBLE! As some with autism and various mental health issues, it’s great to be surrounded by people who are very vocal about wanting to attend to my needs as a disabled student. Everyone here is very accommodating, warm, friendly u0026 welcoming. So far, I’ve had a great experience as an undergrad at SAIC.

John Lindsey

If your kid has what it takes in math and you want them to have a high starting salary, this is your best choice. So many high-end tech companies hire from Rose. 68K min salary fresh out of school. There is a reason for it. They get the experience they need to succeed in the real world and these companies know it. They actively recruit from Rose for that reason alone. This is the place you go to turn coal into diamonds. Oh.. and they have sushi on Fridays.

Jessica Fiore

One of the most amazing places in the world ? Dreams are realized here!!!

ReetuLife Stories

Loved this place! Thankful to be a part of Harvard u0026 MIT????

Mitchell White

I mean, reviewing your college is weird, but I'm a bachelor's graduate of U of H. I think in Texas, and, of course, in the Houston metroplex, there is hardly a better value education. Is it perfect? No, but it allows you to grow in experiencing people of all different backgrounds and cultures (teachers included) and, whether or not your major is the most applicable to your desired career path, you will likely value the time spent here.