A beautiful campus and gorgeous gardens. The old trees have a calming effect during a walk. You would never know there is a busy city right outside the hedges. In the middle of the medical center but contained within it's own perimeters. Parking in lots is $1.00 per minute but no more than $12.00 per day for visitors (03/18/21) Beautiful architecture on the original structures.

Wayne Davies

Was able to get my covid-19 vaccine shot here. The staff and volunteers did an excellent job of moving people through the line quick and efficiently. The setup was planned out very well so that everything just naturally flowed through the student union building. There was plenty of parking available as well. Everything was by appointment only so be sure to set that up before you go. My appointment was at 1:30 and I was done and back on the road by 1:55 and that is with a mandatory 15 minuet wait where they have you just sit to make sure that you don't have an adverse reaction to the vaccine. I definitely recommend getting your shot here if you are eligible.

Deschanel Mercado

I got accepted from my master's degree the people so far seem very nice very Helpful and willing to help you You succeed

Shana White

Absolutely Love It. They Help You Before You Even Ask For Help.