Phillip Cummings

I just graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelors in History and am very satisfied with my general experience with the college. As a veteran that doesn't even live in Lawrence, my experience is going to be somewhat unique to the general student body. I drove in everyday and attended classes. This figurative and literal journey was both a struggle and a breeze. It took a lot of hard work. The staff, professors, and student body at the University of Kansas makes that journey worth the effort.

Carrie Stanley

Minus the fact that this school is one of the lowest rated school in the nation for parking.. the staff is friendly, and there are SO many helpful resources to keeping your grades up. I'm a mom who went back to school after 5 years and this school is the best way to do it.

Alexis Dodd

The teachers are amazing and show that they actually care about you.nThe school is beautiful and they have maps on the walls everywhere, so if you don't know where to go you can find it easily.

Arthur Godiva

An awesome venue for events!

Shana White

Absolutely Love It. They Help You Before You Even Ask For Help.

Becca Rogers

Love GA! I took a couple workshops at another campus and had such an awesome experience that I applied for a job at GA DC. I've had a great experience with the workshops and weekend bootcamps -- in particular, the Code in One Day, Excel, SEO, and SQL bootcamps. My absolute favorite so far has been the visual design workshop -- I still incorporate what I learned in that class into my job. The instructors are passionate, fun, accessible, u0026 are definitely experts in their industries.

melisa edison

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Andy W

I took the After Effects in a Day. It was very informative and I got to learn the basic which was enough to get me off and going. The instructor was friendly, clear, patient and answered all of my questions. He even gave the class additional resources for inspiration and tips. I would recommend!