Arthur Godiva

An awesome venue for events!

Becca Rogers

Love GA! I took a couple workshops at another campus and had such an awesome experience that I applied for a job at GA DC. I've had a great experience with the workshops and weekend bootcamps -- in particular, the Code in One Day, Excel, SEO, and SQL bootcamps. My absolute favorite so far has been the visual design workshop -- I still incorporate what I learned in that class into my job. The instructors are passionate, fun, accessible, u0026 are definitely experts in their industries.

William sargent

Great Investment if you are serious! You will be armed with all the ammunition to take on this industry and best of all you will always have your team to fall back on. In business for yourself but not by yourself is the key. I am Thankful for all of your help this past week! Ready to roll!! All good stuff!