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Carrie Stanley

Minus the fact that this school is one of the lowest rated school in the nation for parking.. the staff is friendly, and there are SO many helpful resources to keeping your grades up. I'm a mom who went back to school after 5 years and this school is the best way to do it.

edward Lopes

Went to student center to get enrolled in the summer courses and was helped by Kristen Harth. Not only did she help me get registered, she went above and beyond. She explained to me what was required for my umkc transfer, testing solutions and best possible route to attain my degree in the most comprehensive way. She was amazing and deserves a raise, I appreciate her hard work and dedication!!!

Rico Conn

5 star community College. They pride themselves on being super supportive and nice. The staff is second to none. Great campus with so many amenities. Great college for student who are undetermined on their future and also for this who know exactly what they want. No one is pushy here, take your time and get your degree at your pace. This place is welcoming to all, very diverse from the student body and staff. Oh, and there is a chik fil a in there.. need I say more?

Elle Eff

I miss going to school here. If you are local to the school, definitely go here and knock out your gen eds. Make sure to pick up an associates degree just so you have it under your belt. They also have a lot of great programs and certifications. Based on my experience, class size is small and the teachers are great. I will say, if you need extra help from the teachers, be sure to ask when their office hours are and sign up if prior notice is needed. There is also a few lab rooms where you can get help for English, math and science.


Excellent school. Very nice buildings and classrooms. The professors are knowledgeable about their respective fields and do well teaching that knowledge to students. When the campus closed due to Covid-19, my professors did an excellent job transitioning to an online format and encouraging students to go ahead and finish out the semester.

J Kramer82

A good campus, and amazing staff.\\nAnd as a former student- a good learning environment ????